Bru Joy Smooth Edge Safe Side Cut Safety Manual Can Opener – Blade Does Not Touch Food

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  • #CYBER MONDAY SALE!# THE BEST SIDE-CUTTING SAFETY CAN OPENER IS HERE: Bru Joy’s smooth edge can opener cuts from side, not top. That means NO MORE CROSS-CONTAMINATION as the blade never touches the content of the can.
  • SHARP YET SAFE: The ultra-sharp stainless steel blade cuts into the side of the can easily and effortlessly. Thanks to the smart side-cutting/turning design, it leaves a super smooth edge to both the can and the lid. The result is you will never cut yourself. It’s safe to give the opened can to your kids or pets. Even better is that you can easily put the lid back onto the can for any uneaten food.
  • EASY TO USE: Best for the elders and Arthritis hands. The thicker & bigger turning knob is smartly molded to give you a comfort grip. The non-slippery handle is soft, Ergonomic & gives you the perfect leverage. Absolutely no strain on your hand when you are opening the can.
  • OPENS ALL SIZES & SHAPES OF CANS: Big or small, round or oval, Bru Joy’s smooth edge can opener can handle all the cans you buy from the market! The big white loop on the opener top allows you to quickly align the opener to the lid of the can and lets you see slicing progress so you know when it’s come full circle. Also a detailed user manual enclosed in each package. After reading it and give the opener 1 or 2 times try, you will easily grasp the hang of it.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Actually as its cutting disc never touches the content of the can, you even do not need to wash it after each use, but if you want, you can simply rinse it under running tap water then leave it dry. The high quality stainless steel disc will never rust.