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What our customers are saying

Great Garlic Press

I recently managed to throw out my garlic press which was probably the only way it was going to get replaced as I liked it a lot. It was therefore a tough act to follow. I chose this one becuase it looked similar, being strong and easy to clean. So far it lives up all of those requirements and works much the same way so I am very happy with it. The arms are of a decent length so that crushing it is quite easy. In any case over filling with garlic just makes it harder as it is quicker to do just 1-2 at a time. Add loads of butter, and into the microwave for some garlic bread. I do most of the cooking at home and am quite picky but this garlic press is a winner. It washes up easily as well, or if I am being a bit lazy I have been just rinsing it under the hot water tap.


Great design and construction!

Have used this quite a few times so far. Its very sturdy, and presses garlic with ease. Only the thinnest layer of skin is left to clean out. Well worth the little extra money this costs knowing it is stainless steel, will never rust, and has no coating to chip off. I have used several different lower priced presses. I always manager to break them by pressing too hard. This is a keeper!


Awesome!!!-Bru Joy Garlic Press

The Bru Joy Garlic Press is absolutely the best press I’ve used (and I’ve had a few). Solid construction, perfect leverage to press multiple garlic cloves at one time, stainless steel, easy to clean with the swivel out head! You’ll never have to buy another garlic press again and cooking with fresh garlic is now so easy and makes a significant difference in the taste of your meals (so much better than the bottled minced garlic)! I always used the bottled garlic in my recipes in the past because I didn’t want to hassle with fresh garlic. Now it’s so easy to use fresh garlic and your hands don’t smell all day. Would highly recommend this garlic press from Bru Joy.